Lucy Boynton ama osare con il make-up: 11 straordinari beauty look dell’attrice di Bohemian Rhapsody

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Lucy Boynton sta vivendo un momento incredibile. La stagione dei premi ha incoronato il suo fidanzato e co-star Rami Malek come il migliore attore della scorsa stagione cinematografica, inutile dire che il successo di Bohemian Rhapsody porterà molto fortuna anche all'attrice britannica, ovviamente le auguriamo il meglio per il futuro della sua carriera. Questa volta, però, non vogliamo celebrare i suoi successi hollywoodiani, ma le sue strepitose scelte beauty.

Nel caso non lo sapessi, la truccatrice di Lucy, si chiama Jo Baker, che condivide con lei le origini britanniche e un certo gusto per i beauty look d'epoca. Insieme giocano a creare make-up ogni volta sempre più spettacolari, reinterpretando il classico cat eye in chiave meravigliosamente vintage.

Ecco a te, gli 11 beauty look più emozionanti della bionda attrice, preparati a essere ipnotizzato:

1. Grace Kelly e i toni rosa 

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L U C Y • B O Y N T O N 🇬🇧 High Society Hues... Inspired by the mood in the air. It was warmer than it has been in weeks yesterday and the sun was shining bright without a cloud in the sky!! I didn’t know what look I was going to do until I walked out on her balcony and said- wow all of a Sunday winter is over and the warmth is coming back!! I instantly wanted to create a look that epitomized those spring feelings. A rose garden in full bloom with golden hour sun hitting each pink petal creating a magical dream like palette and the perfect compliment for this rich and decadent @rodarte gown!! Hair @jennychohair Makeup by me #jobakermakeupartist can plan and come up with the exact look you want to do...then arrive and be swayed in a different direction by a number of things....stay open and constantly be inspired by all that is around you because the beauty is everywhere.

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2. Disco eyes

3. Doris Day e l'azzurro pastello

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L U C Y • B O Y N T O N 🇬🇧 Day off Doris... when the 50’s housewife decides to Tupperware the leftovers and meet up with her tribe!! #lucyboynton heading out last night to #charlesfinch pre Oscar dinner... sporting a phenom @chanelofficial 2piece+beret (@leithclark 🙌🏻) and a casual not casual perfected silky bob (@jennychohair 🙌🏻 ) Makeup ...vintage powder blue cloud like haze with a new lippy on the block #rougecocoflash in #Attitude with @Weleda_usa primed nourished skin #weleda ... what makes this look modern is the simplicity and keeping the 2 bold colors is kept very pre HD with a soft semi matte powder foundation Finish!! #jobakermakeupartist 💋

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4. Eyeliner grafico super anni 60 e un tocco di mellow yellow

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L U C Y • B O Y N T O N 🇬🇧 Caution Cat Eyes ⚠⚠⚠ Creating drama and a sense of danger pairing #blackandyellow together for a #killer #killbill look... when eyes take center stage it’s important to keep skin and lips minimal and gorgeous looking!! I prepped skin with my #cultfavorite #skinfood by @weleda_usa ...mixing their plant based skin prep with such an aggressive makeup look...reminds me that with everything in life opposites attract and are often perfect together ... soft with harsh ...gentle with powerful is what makes things partner up in harmony!!! Check out instastory for more inspo and to see how I created a glowing hydrated complexion to keep this bold look super beautiful and modern !! #jobakermakeupartist

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5. Drama anni 80, oro e viola intenso

6. Un cat eye grafico divertente e ultra moderno

7. I toni del pesca e gli anni 80

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L U C Y • B O Y N T O N 🇬🇧 A little 80’s pink ‘n peach inspired look for #lucyboynton @rodarte show in LA!! Tap for team!

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8. Eyeliner grafico per un intenso sguardo da aquila

9. Geisha

10. Punk e goth

9. Ziggy Stardust

10. Smokey Oro 

11. Smokey glitter

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