Stormzy e Ghali per la prima volta insieme nel remix di “Vossi Bop”

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Oggi, venerdì 19 luglio, è uscita una vera chicca per gli amanti del rap (e non solo). Si tratta della versione remix della canzone "Vossi Bop", che vede per la prima volta duettare insieme Stormzy e Ghali

Attualmente Stormzy è considerato il rapper più importante della scena britannica, vincitore, a soli 24 anni, di 2 Brit Awards. Inoltre quest'anno è stato il primo artista inglese di colore a essere headliner al Festival di Glastonbury.

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Last night I headlined Glastonbury in a stab-proof vest custom made by the greatest, most iconic living artist on planet earth, the one and only BANKSY. I opened my set with words of encouragement from my hero and ultimate inspiration and the greatest rapper to ever grace planet Earth Jay-Z. I got to sing with the most incredible and legendary man I know - Chris Martin - a man who’s genius I am so in awe of that it makes me go to studio and try to emulate him. Raleigh Ritchie - one of our country’s greatest musical talents thank you my brother. Dave & Fredo - I love you my brothers, UK’s finest rappers, thank you from my heart for helping me light up the stage and making one of the most beautiful moments our culture has seen. Thank you to my lil brother @djtiiny theres no way in hell I could do this without you you have my back always and I’m so proud of you - you are my brother in arms we go to war together I appreciate you. To Bronski, Amber, Misty, Trev, Kojo, Tim, James, Sam & my whole tour/creative/production team I appreciate you all and I’m forever grateful. To my band and to my amazing choir who have worked tireless and given this their everything all whilst sounding flawless, effortless and amazing I appreciate you all very much I can’t do this without you. Massive thank yous to: the W.A.R dance crew you lot are now my brothers thank you for bringing a God-sent energy that I truly needed. To Princess K - you are a superstar, the crowd went absolutely crazy for you and I’m so excited to watch you take the world by storm. To Ballet Black, the grace, beauty and feeling you blessed the world with yesterday was felt in the hearts of millions. To Mac, Trizzy, Bobby, C1, Flipz my BikeStormz family I’m so happy the world got to see you lots talent and skills - you just showed the world about bikelife - be very fucking proud. To Big TJ & James for getting me ready and prepared for the energy this set would need. To the whole of my #MERKY team - my family who hold me down and have my back till the end. THANK YOU GUYS, THANK YOU GOD. I am proud of myself and I feel blessed and fulfilled and purposeful. Your Glastonbury 2019 headliner, over and out. 🎤❤️

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Stormzy è anche un modello culturale, un artista che si è fatto portavoce dell’attivismo sociale e della lotta contro le discriminazioni. Proprio questa sensibilità verso i problemi sociali e politici dei propri Paesi, avvicina Stormzy a Ghali.

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A luglio Ghali salirà sui palchi di alcuni prestigiosi Festival musicali europei. Ecco quali sono i suoi prossimi concerti:

20 - Luglio, Lollapalooza Hippodrome ParisLongchamp, Parigi, Francia
23 - Luglio, POW WOW, Pag, Croazia
27 - Luglio, Tomorrowland Festival, Boom, Belgio

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