Sting e Shaggy per la prima volta insieme nel singolo “Don’t Make Me Wait”

La strana coppia

Sting e Shaggy hanno unito le forze e le voci per una giustissima causa.

Si tratta del loro primo singolo insieme intitolato "Don't Make Me Wait", in uscita in tutto il mondo il 24 gennaio 2018.

La canzone è nata durante una delle loro intense sessioni in studio, quando i due artisti hanno iniziato a lavorare insieme per aiutare l’ospedale pediatrico di Kingston. 

"Don't Make Me Wait", inoltre, riflette la voglia di Sting di rendere omaggio alla Jamaica, la terra che ha ispirato le sue radici musicali.


#Repost @mkcherryboom ・・・ We had a extraordinary trip to Jamaica where Sting performed at the Shaggy & Friends concert on the lawns of Jamaica House on January 6th. I was able to capture some moments with my camera at arrival, rehearsal, the show, radio stations and an unforgettable visit to the Bustamante Hospital for Children to which all proceeds from the concert went. You can view these at Sting and Shaggy gave a sneak peek of their new joint-single “Don’t Make Me Wait,” out February 2nd, live on stage and shot a video for the song in Kingston the following day. I met so many wonderful people including musical heroes Junior Reid, Barrington Levy, Third World and Bongo Herman. Thank you to Shaggy for being such a gracious host and continuing to inspire with boundless creative energy and deep love for his country and its people. Thank you also to Sting for his kindness, generosity and relentless pursuit of musical adventure. I hope you enjoy these pics. #Jamaica #TeamShaggy4Kids @theofficialsting @direalshaggy @shaggyandfriends

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Sabato 6 gennaio Sting e Shaggy hanno presentato per la prima volta dal vivo "Don't Make Me Wait" nel cuore della Jamaica, davanti a 20.000 persone durante l’evento benefico “Shaggy & Friends”,  organizzato per raccogliere fondi per il Bustamante Hospital for Children di Kingston.

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