Vicky Pattison ha un messaggio sull’amore per il proprio corpo che andrebbe letto ogni giorno

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Vicky Pattison ci regala spesso delle perle di empowerment e nell'ultimo messaggio ti ispirerà raccontando come ha deciso di smettere di dichiarare guerra al suo corpo, per focalizzarsi su tutti i modi in cui può essere felice, in salute e dinamica.

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You know that ‘extra’ weight you’ve been trying to lose?! That’s your spontaneous pizza nights. Laughter filled dinner dates. Drinks with friends you haven’t seen in months. Your grandma’s cooking. It’s that delicious cookie from the cute little cafe on the corner that you love. Trying (too much) of the local cuisine when you travel. Ben and jerries on the couch on a Sunday night with your person. Ordering what you truly want on the menu. It’s the cake your coworkers surprised you with on your birthday. That’s bit of weight on your body is your happiness, your joyful memories when you’re out there LIVING and just being you. Stop depriving yourselves and start living and doing things that make you happy. I am so done trying to manipulate my body into something it quite clearly doesn’t want to be- it wants to be curvy, it’s wants to have cellulite and it wants to be a little bit squishy in parts- it does not and will never want to be a size 6! (It gets incredibly angry when I try to push it past a small size 10 quite frankly!) So I’ve decided I’m embracing it and instead I’m looking for ways to just be the best version of me! Yes, fit, healthy, strong and active but rather than punish my body in a gym and being hard on myself that I don’t look a certain way I want to get outside, try a new class, go to yoga with my pals (and then brunch after), run along a beach (hopefully with puppies), dance, travel, live, laugh, love and experience everything life throws at me with passion and heart. Life is too short to be hungry, life is too short to not order the burger sometimes, life is too short to say no to the glass of Prosecco- so instead of beating myself up about all the things I love and enjoy- i’m learning to love myself and looking at new ways to make keeping fit and healthy fun and enjoyable and not seem like a chore while I’m at it... Wish me luck my Prosecco filled princesses! I hope you all know how wonderful you are! Best regards, a very fired up Vicky Pattison who wrote this wearing pj’s with burgers on them 😂😍🍔 ps this cute little dress is @primark and this adorable little puppy is my baloo and he’s @thebeautybom ‘s... 💙

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"Sapete quel peso 'in più' che state cercando di perdere?! Quel peso sono le divertenti serate a base di pizza. Le cene piene di risate. I cocktail con gli amici che non vedete da mesi" ha scritto su Instagram la star di Geordie Shore.

"Ne ho abbastanza di cercare di manipolare il mio corpo in qualcosa che chiaramente non vuole essere. Vuole essere curvy, vuole la cellulite e vuole essere più morbido in alcuni punti. Non vuole e non vorrà mai essere una taglia 38!".

La 31enne ha continuato spiegando che, per far pace con la sua immagine allo specchio, ha smesso di fare paragoni e ha aggiunto: "Sto imparando ad amare me stessa e a trovare nuovi divertenti modi per essere in forma e sana, che mi piacciano e non sembrino un lavoro".

"Spero che tutti voi sappiate quanto meravigliosi siete!" ha concluso. Grazie Vicky per avercelo ricordato!

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