I tributi delle star per Kobe Bryant, la leggenda del basket scomparsa a soli 41 anni

Un incidente in elicottero che ha portato via anche la figlia Gianna

Sono tantissime le celeb che in queste ore stanno ricordando Kobe Bryant.

Toccanti tributi sui social al campione di basket purtroppo scomparso ieri, a 41 anni, in un incidente in elicottero a Los Angeles che ha portato via anche la figlia Gianna, di 13 anni, e altre sette persone.

Kobe lascia la moglie Vanessa, con cui era sposato dal 2001 e altre tre figlie, Natalia, Bianka e Capri, quest'ultima nata lo scorso giugno.

Il giocatore era particolarmente affezionato al nostro Paese: aveva vissuto in Italia dai 6 ai 13 anni di età, seguendo il padre, cestista anche lui, nelle città in cui militava.

Ecco come le star stanno onorando la leggenda dello sport:

Demi Lovato

Taylor Swift

Camila Cabello

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I’ve never been much of a sports fan but Kobe Bryant was a hero to me and it was his words and way of thinking and living that lifted me up during times where I felt like I couldn’t get off the ground. When I was 16 and going through what felt like an excruciatingly painful period in my life, I first saw Kobe’s MUSE documentary, and the mamba mentality is the only thing got me through every single performance. He was fighting inner demons, and so was I, and the way he used them to fuel his game on the court made me feel like I could use them to fuel me onstage. At my weakest moments I would channel a different person like he did, because when I felt broken and lost offstage, he taught me how to use my own pain, he taught me how to access strength I didn’t know I had, because on my worst days, I thought of Kobe and suddenly I could do things I didn’t think I could do. I watched every interview, I read every quote of his, and I wish that he knew how many times he saved me, how many times he helped me access a champion in myself that I couldn’t have seen on my own, how many times he helped me use my own demons, how many times he taught me how to use pain to make me a better person, how many times he taught me by example about life by the way he carried himself and the way he saw things.... and I never got the chance to tell him this in person. I’ve watched only two basketball games in my life, but what Kobe did for me changed the course of my life. I can’t imagine how many people he did this for. His legacy will live on in the lives and minds and souls that he touched, he made his mark not only in the game, but in humanity itself. He is a hero to me forever. Mamba forever 💔#kobebryant #giannabryant #restinpeace 💔

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Justin Bieber

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It can't be. You always encouraged me mamba. Gave me me some of the best quotes that we smile about to this day.! Love you man!

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Gigi Hadid

Kylie Jenner

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at loss for words right now. praying for this beautiful family.

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Kendall Jenner

David Beckham

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It’s taken me hours to work out what to write and still my words won’t ever be enough to describe how I am feeling after the tragic loss of Kobe. This was one special athlete, husband, father and friend. Having to write these words is hard enough but also knowing we have lost an amazing human being and his beautiful and talented daughter Gianna is heartbreaking. The commitment Kobe showed to his sport was inspiring, to go through the pain and to finish a game off like only he could inspired me to try to be better. Sometimes I would only go to games just to watch that clock go down to the last 2:00 minutes knowing that we were about to witness something special. Kobe always talked about Vanessa and his beautiful girls and how proud he was of them. Kobe’s passion was his family and basketball. He was determined to inspire the next generation of boys and girls to embrace the sport that he loved. His legacy will live on. My family’s love and prayers go out to Vanessa and the girls, to Kobe’s basketball family, and of course to the families of those who were tragically lost with him yesterday... 💛💜

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Dakota Fanning

Barack Obama

Kim Kardashian

Anne Hathaway



Vanessa Hudgens


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😤😔🥺 it can’t be

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Bella Hadid

Mariah Carey

Nick Jonas

John Legend

Lauren Jauregui

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💔🕊 Sending so much love to the Bryant family and the families of the other passengers. Insane.

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In seguito alla tragica morte di Kobe Bryant, centinaia di fan si sono radunati intorno allo Staples Center di Los Angeles, l'arena che il giocatore ha chiamato casa per 20 anni, avendo militato per così tanto tempo nei Los Angeles Lakers.

Allo Staples Center, ieri si sono tenuti i Grammy Awards 202o: "Non avremmo mai immaginato in un milione di anni che avremmo dovuto iniziare lo show così" ha detto la presentatrice della serata, Alicia Keys arrivando sul palco.

Ha quindi cantato "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" con i Boyz II Men. Poi si è unita a Lewis Capaldi per intonare "Someone You Loved" e ha chiesto ai presenti di rendere la serata un tributo a Black Mamba.

I nostri pensieri sono con la famiglia di Kobe Bryant.

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